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  • Yanmar Industrial Generator RHB52 Turbo VA130064 GY57 24100-1510

Hino Industrial Generator Various W04DT Engine RHB52 Turbo VE130058 GX16 24100-1510 24100-1511 24100-1511A

  • RHB52 Turbo 24100-1510
  • Model : RHB52-52002P20NFBRL348C, RHB52-5200IIP20NFBRL3611CE
  • V-SPEC: GC48 GY57 GY74 GC42 CYAR GX16
  • Part NO.: VE130058 NN130036, VA130058, VB130058
  • OE numbers: 515-50380, 24100-1510, 24100-1511, 24100-1511A, 241001510A
  • OE NO.: 24100-1510B, 24100-1510C, 24100-1510D, 241001510, 241001511, 241001511A, 241001510B
  • OEM: 241001510C, 241001510D, B51CND-S0058B
  • Engine W04DT
  • CHRA B51CNDS0058C (B51CND-S0058C)
  • Fuel Gasoline
  • Description Industrial Generator

Product Detail

Part Number VE130058
Previous Part Number NN130036, VA130058, VB130058
OE number 515-50380, 24100-1510, 24100-1511, 24100-1511A, 241001510A, 24100-1510B, 24100-1510C, 24100-1510D, 241001510, 241001511, 241001511A, 241001510B, 241001510C, 241001510D, B51CND-S0058B
Short V. spec GX16
Description Industrial Generator
Turbo Model RHB52-52002P20NFBRL348C, RHB52-5200IIP20NFBRL3611CE
Engine W04DT
CHRA B51CNDS0058C (B51CND-S0058C)  
 Manufacturer booshiwheel
Fuel Gasoline